Balance in Motion at Riverhouse

Balance in Motion is 17' tall and occupies a 8' sphere of motion 

The sculpture performs smoothly in high and low winds. All moving parts are above 9'.

Carbon steel construction with Stainless steel bearing assemblies, mechanical joints and fasteners.

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IMG_4890 (3).jpg

Alternative colors available

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3 Trail Pieces for Rotella Park, Adams County

Sky Writing II


Sky Writing II rides on a tilting base that centers the bird wings overhead as you walk below.          Sky Calligraphy.

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Cloud Castles

Cloud Castles can be turned as you pass on the walkway.                 Flying clouds overhead

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Sun Moon Stars Windvane

Denver Public Schools Project, 2016

Three lobby pieces are installed the the DPS Emily Griffith Campus in Downtown Denver- 18th and Lincoln Street. "Journeys from Center" inhabits the center of the lobby and can be activated by visitors by turning an aqua blue cylinder covered with hieroglyphs. Silver circles with blue crescents float overhead like a forest of clouds.

Journeys from Center-  Interactive

Jeff operates Flying Birds by turning a small crank handle on the wall.  Every child in the building knows how to make the flock of birds fly.y

Earth, Sun and Waves , Above Emily Griffith School entrance.  Set it waving

Earth, Sun and Waves, Above Emily Griffith School entrance.  Set it waving

Flying Birds.  Next to the entrance to the k-6 expeditionary school.

Broomfield Health and Human Services Building, Broomfield, Colorado

The Heart Wall brings light and enjoyment to an otherwise dark hallway.  The wheels are turned by passerby.

We recently designed and installed three separate pieces of art for the City of Broomfield Health and Human Services Building in Lone Tree, CO.

This kinetic, wind-activated piece sits outside the main entry and welcomes visitors. “Movement from Center” is a delicately balanced piece.

This wonderful lobby installation is the final piece of art for the new building.  It captures the light and sparkle from the windows surrounding it and is activated by guests in the lobby turning a dial in the reception area.


The main lobby area has high ceilings and is overlooked by a sitting area above. 


Blue Butterfly Tree - Internation Kinetic Art Show - Boynton Beach, Fla.

It has since found a permanent home in front of the new Broomfield Health and Human Services building in Broomfield CO.

The Blue Butterfly Tree was created to be in the International Kinetic Sculpture Exhibition in Boynton Beach, Florida. Here it is in front of a Banyan Tree.

It has since found a permanent home in front of the new Broomfield Health and Human Services building in Broomfield CO.

Lotus Dragon, Torii Square Park, Westminster CO.

Lotus Dragon

Lotus Dragon

Westminster, Colorado, unveiled the rebuilt Torii Square Park and its featured kinetic sculpture, Lotus Dragon, by John King. The piece is 22′ tall and is finished with bright red, magenta, silver and purple powdercoat colors. It appears to be a hybrid between plant and dragon and twists and tumbles in the wind. It carries a proud and festive air.