Kinetic Interactive Public Art

 " Sunrise "  20' tall Interactive Sculpture  - 2017 -  Aurora, Colorado,  Aurora City Center Light Rail Station

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Recent Artworks:

Children's Hospital

" Star Catcher"   Interactive / Wind Sculpture  - 2017 -  Children's Hospital             Entry Garden,   Denver,  Colorado

"An engaging meditation on the sky... Turning the sculpture reflects ones' attention upward... helpful to visitors during times of challenge."

children2 (2).jpg

 Rotella Park,   Adams CO. Colorado,  3 Sculptures  

IMG_2989 (4).JPG

"Sun Moon Stars Windvane"

CC with sun edit (3).jpg

" Sky Writing II "  Wings glide overhead above the walking trail. The calligraphy of swooping wings against the sky.



"Cloud Castles"

Denver Public Schools Headquarters,  Downtown Denver, Colorado

IMG_2637 (2).JPG

"Taking Wing"- 2016 -  A wind moved sculpture on the theme of learning to fly greets students at the Main Entry to the Denver Public Schools high rise on Lincoln St. in downtown Denver.  One of the requests of the Superintendent of Schools was that entry be "not corporate".